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Lightroom presets by @tom.dalt

This pack contains 16 of my hand-crafted Adobe Lightroom presets, designed to give you incredible edits in just a few clicks. These presets will instantly up your photography game - results guaranteed. 

Presets come with a tutorial PDF, teaching you exactly how to use the presets to their fullest potential and, most importantly, dramatically improve your edits. They are compatible with both Mac and Windows (Requires Adobe Lightroom). 

Lightroom Presets will be sent via a download link once preset pack has been purchased.

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Before & After.

Below you will find 6 of the included 16 presets: Night Blue Skyline, Fire Sunset, Give Me Sunset, Moody Fade, Give Me Sunset 2 and iPhone Sunset. 

Included Presets.

- Blue and Orange: Modern tones, a popular look on Instagram.
- Crystal Ocean: Works well on sunny ocean shots, gives water a crystal blue look.
- Fire Sunset: Beautifully enhances a warm natural sunset.
- Give Me Sunset: Simulates sunset, adjust 'exposure' and 'temp' to suit.
- Give Me Sunset 2: As above, with slightly darker tones.
- Golden Sunrise: Silky sunrise, enhancing natural morning tones.
- Inside Warmth: Works well with indoor shots (including flight deck) 
- iPhone Aqua: Popular aqua tones, works well on iPhone.
- iPhone Sunset: Enhances natural sunset colours, works well on iPhone.
- Moody Fade: One of my 'go to' presets, a popular modern instagram look.
- Night Blue Skyline: Brings out blue tones on a night shot.
- Night City Streets: Works well on a nighttime city shot.
- Purple Sunrise: Enhances morning purple tones.
- Warm Portrait: My natural, warm and silky portrait preset.
- Fade Decrease: Reduces the film look - apply after selecting an above preset.
- Fade Increase: Increases the film look - apply after selecting an above preset.

19.99 29.99
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